Take a step on the Lightning Path

The world is in dire straits. Political, economic, environmental, social, and psychological catastrophe loom on the horizon. Old ways of acting and behaving no longer seem to work and the crises grows every day. Two paths lie before you. One path leads to increasing illness, destruction, and death and the other leads towards health, creation, and new life. One path is a path of disconnection and darkness, the other is a path of Consciousness and light. One path leads to growing crises, and the other to rapid solutions. One path leads to suffering, the other to the end of all woe. The choice is clear, but which will you choose? The old word is crumbling around you and a new “divine world” is emerging. Choose light; choose life; choose compassion; choose love. Choose the Lightning Path.

About the Lightning Path

The Lightning Path publishes advanced and critical new energy spiritual books designed to clear away spiritual detritus, reveal the authentic core, facilitate rapid spiritual evolution, and encourage strong and grounded spiritual Connection. If you have a website, blog, or publication, you can request review copies by email.

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